Getting rid of unwanted twitter followers – Easy as pie

Why would someone want to get rid of twitter followers? As we have spam in e-mail, we have spam in twitter. You get them in your e-mail and sometimes it just isn’t blocked, the same thing happens with twitter and we have to manually delete them. With e-mail we just delete the e-mail or put it into the spam folder. With twitter it is pretty much the same, but since twitter is new for some, here is a detailed step by step on how to get rid of unwanted followers from our client’s account.

Step 1: Locate or identify your unwanted followers. You can do this by simply going to your followers list and click on their name to see who they are.

First Step: Locate Unwanted Followers

Unwanted Followers on Twitter

Step 2: Click on the profile dropdown menuClicking on the twitter dropdown will bring up a menu where you can block a user or report them as spam of the user you want to block or report as spam and you will get this:

This is what you get if when you click on twitter's profile dropdown menu on unwanted followers or spam

Profile Dropdown Menu showing the option to block or to report as spam

Now depending on if it is spam, you can declare them as spam to twitter or you can block them if it is simply an unwanted follower.

Has this helped you? If so, follow us on Twitter. You will find many other helpful tips.

See it was easy as pie!

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